Only 10 minutes away from the apartment, you can't miss a visit to the splendid Old Bari with its art and history treasures such as the Norman Swabian Castle, Saint Nicholas Church, the Cathedral and plenty of hidden gems.
Within easy reach you'll find a wealth of tempting shops, famous brands and restaurants.

Saint Nicholas Church

In the heart of Old Bari the first great sanctuary of Apulian-romanesque architecture, where Catholic and Orthodox  faiths  coexist.

The Cathedral

Similar to the Basilica in beauty and somptuousness. Not to be missed “the Succorpo”, the underground archeological area  of the Cathedral.

The alleys of old Bari

Discover the colourful and lively alleys of the old Bari with their arts and crafts shops, wine bars and  “trattorie”.

The Muraglia

The ancient walls of the old city.

Saint Scolastica

The old Benedictine complex includes the church and the monastery with the archeological museum.

The Murat district

The “new “ town built during the reign of Gioacchino Murat, Napoleon's brother-in-law, is rich in beautiful buildings and shops.

The Petruzzelli Theatre

The Petruzzelli is the fourth  most important Italian Theatre and the largest private theatre in Europe.

The seafront

The long sea promenade embraces the town and its monuments drawing a unique skyline

The Swabian Castle

An imposing fortress dating from the XII century, improved and enriched during the following centuries.